Before the REU

Type of REU Activities Resources
  • Select and recruit students
  •  Select, recruit, and prepare graduate student mentors (if applicable)
  • Plan research topics
  • Set research agenda and milestones
  • Set up payroll and student finances and/or arrange for academic credit
  • Select or design evaluation instruments
  • Administer pre-surveys
  • Consult materials on mentoring undergraduates in research
NCWIT REU-in-a-Box

CRA-W Resources for Faculty Mentors

SURE surveys of undergraduate research experiences

Visiting (non-local) students
  • Arrange housing
  • Arrange relocation travel
  • Local institution’s campus-wide REU programs
  • Local institution’s dean of students office
  • Arrange group social activities
  • Plan end-of-program events (e.g., poster session or symposium)


Materials on Mentoring Undergraduates

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