During the REU

Type of REU Activities Resources
  • Introduce students to the work environment and establish clear expectations
  • Hold regular research meetings
  • Arrange sessions on communication, research methods, ethics, research careers, and graduate school
  • Prepare final reports and presentations
  • Administer end-of-REU student surveys
NCWIT REU-in-a-BoxCISE Online REU PI Site

CRA-W Resources for Faculty Mentors

Conquer graduate school site

GRE information and preparation

Academic Year
  • Address issues of academic credit (if applicable)
  • Work with students on time management and appropriate allocation of time for research
Local departmental or university undergraduate research programs
  • Organize co-curricular group activities
  • Check-in with students regularly  (daily is ideal!)

Guidance on reading research papers

 Advice on writing technical articles

 Advice on giving technical talks

Advice/Guidance on preparing research posters

Exercises for Mentors to do with their Students

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