CRA-E’s “Undergraduate Research Highlights” series showcases outstanding research done by undergraduate students at universities and colleges across North America.  It is one of a number of CRA-E’s activities that foster and recognize  talented computing researchers with the goal of increasing the research pipeline, promoting graduate education, and advocating research-based careers.

Each article features the story of a successful undergraduate researcher and offers personal insights into their experiences with finding an advisor, undertaking new research projects, and discovering how research can impact their personal and professional futures. In addition to helping students understand the process of getting involved in research, the articles also serve as a venue for students to pass along advice to others who aspire to become involved in research themselves. Students selected for the research highlights include those receiving recognition in the CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award competition.

This series is written and edited by CRA-E Graduate Fellows.

Fairness in Rideshare Algorithms Helped Pave My Path

This Q&A highlight features Naveen Raman, a Finalist  in the 2022 CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researchers award program. Naveen graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park, and is now at the University of Cambridge on a Churchill Scholarship to pursue an MPhil in Advanced Computer Science. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.